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Medical travel by licensed Dijon cabs can make the medical process easier for patients. These trips are authorized by the Agence régionale de santé (ARS) to transport patients who have no other way of getting to consultations and hospital. Thanks to cabs conventionnés, many patients benefit from a reliable, convenient and affordable service to access the care they need.

The services offered by our conventioned cabs include a round trip to university hospitals or ARS-approved doctors’ surgeries, which means patients don’t have to worry about transport during their treatment or consultation. Journeys are made by experienced, qualified drivers who know the best routes so that passengers arrive at their destination on time.

In order to benefit from the “conventionnée” cab service for medical transportation from Dijon, you need a prescription signed by a doctor and validated by a competent public institution such as a university hospital or an ARS-approved medical practice. Once this prescription has been obtained, all you need to do is contact an approved cab directly to organize your trip in good time.

The service provided by our cabs means that patients needing to make long journeys can be sure of a safe journey to their destination. In addition, this mode of transport offers an effective response to the particular needs for comfort and convenience during long-distance travel for medical reasons.

To provide you with the best possible service, TAXI Bourgogne VTC (approved by the French social security system and all health insurance funds) will take care of all your medical travel needs, as well as helping you with administrative formalities.
We take care of: transport to and from hospital, journeys to and from medical consultations, dialysis sessions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. from Dijon and the Burgundy region. We provide safe transport to: Lyon Hospitals, Strasbourg Hospitals, Paris Hospitals, ….

We’ll accompany you wherever you need to go.

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